The History of the Sled Solutions Carry All

The Birth of an Idea

In 2005 I was fed up with trying to find pockets to put all my electronics, keys, registration etc while out riding and going in to eat at restaurants on the trail.  I started sketching up what I thought could solve my problem and maybe others as well.  Handlebar bags on the market at the time were not much more than open spaces that were an organized persons nightmare.  We knew we could do better…but we’re just a 2-year-old company with very little know how when it comes to building something like this.  We were in the early stages of building a relationship with Skinz Protective Gear in Minnesota.  They offered to help us build our design which they did, and we were off and running.  Without Shanna, Jake and Ike we would have never got this product line off the ground.

2006 we released the Carry All which took handlebar bags to the next level.  Individual compartments with Velcro closures to hold cellphones, GPS’s, cameras.  Clear pouch for sled registration, elastic loops for spare batteries and a spot for mini mag light.  We incorporated a spot to put disposable handwarmers to take the chill off the electronics to prolong battery life.  The bags clipped on with side release buckles so you could remove it quickly and walk in to eat.  Man purse?  Yup and one of the coolest ones available.  We still hear from customers using the originals to this date which means they are nearly 16 years old. 


2007 - We quickly saw the need for something a little smaller and one with a clear front to hold a trail map so 2 new models joined the Carry All in 2007. 

2008 – Was a big year for us as we teamed up with Chris Burandt and outfitted all his Burandts Backcountry Adventure sleds with a Carry All’s.  We continue to work with Chris until 2020.

2010 – With the introduction of the ATV style handlebar we wanted something that had more style and mounted tighter as riding styles were getting a lot more aggressive.  We teamed up with a local Michigan company to help build the Deluxe Carry All to fit the Pro Taper bars better yet stay universal.  In 2011 we released this new bag which mirrored all the original ideas and features just in new skin.  In addition, we added a goggle bag that allowed for a rider to carry a pair of spare goggles in front of the rider.  Goggle storage on the handlebars was an industry first which we are immensely proud of.  

2015 – The sport was moving forward, riding styles were advancing and needs were changing for many technical riders in west.  We were tasked with finding a way to incorporate a quick on/off system for the riders such as Chris who had multiple personal sleds.  The idea was to quickly be able to move bags from one sled to the other without straps or buckles.  It also needed to fit lower bars as the that was the direction riders were heading and strapped bags would hang and interfere with the console below it.

Debut of the Quick Lock at the Denver Snow Show.

2016 – Quick Lock was born, the industry’s first quick attachment handlebar bag system!!  Now you can just put mounts on all the sleds and move the bags to whatever you plan to ride for the day with the flip of a lever.  The bags had rigid backs, so they did not slouch and were something we are very proud of to this day.  We had a huge demand for this system, but we needed to be sure it was bullet proof.  2016 we tested this product hard, Chris Burandt, Matt Entz and our own personal sleds.  If we were going to charge a premium price for this product, we needed to be sure they were worth every penny.  

Chris Burandt Testing in Chile.

2017 – We finally released the Quick Lock system to the public and added a variety of accessories and bag sizes so the customer could truly make it their own.  After releasing this product requests from many pro riders and industry leaders started to flow in.  We quickly added Dan Adams, Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher and a variety of others from the industry to our team of riders using Quick Lock Carry All handlebar bags.


2019 – We released the Universal mount kit so that the system can be used on more than just Polaris snowmobiles.  This kit works on current Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris trail models and Ski Doo along with after market risers such as CFR and RSI.

2020/2021 – Has really put us in a bad spot like many other companies with the COVID pandemic whipping out companies and a thinning workforce. Unfortunately, some knock off’s have appeared on the market, know that we have NOT approved any of them.  Any private labeled bags will still have our logo on it someplace.

2021/2022 – We will have enough product to fill every order this coming season.  We appreciate all the support we have gotten from our dedicated riders and customers.  Integrity Matters!  #notavideogame